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If you are searching for a guide that can walk through the secrets of music theory, harmony, scales, improvisation, styles and more, then I might have a go with me. 

You will have PDFs, backing tracks and other customised material tailored on your individual needs and goals!



Nicolas Oulevay

I finally decided to take guitar lessons to challenge myself and enjoy playing music with a new instrument. Sabino is an incredible teacher who can teach you technique through various scale and chord exercises and music pieces. Sabino organises the lessons really well to build up the skills while making the lessons really enjoyable and progressive. After a couple of lessons only, I was starting to compose music independently.
We agreed on a style and a music piece to focus on , and at week 5, I was able to play on backing tracks various patterns on scales mixed with chords from my own composition.
Sabino is classically trained which allows him to get into very technical details as needed which really helps me having played the piano for 10 years as young kid. Sabino is an inspiring music teacher and I look forward every week to my next lesson and always leave surprised by my progress,
I highly recommend taking lessons with Sabino.


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